Aura Call Center Elite

The key to improving your customer experience
In good times and even in the midst of uncertainty, managing the customer experience is critical for long term business stability and even for the continued existence of your organization.
CC Elite solutions enable a reliable and integrated omnichannel contact center and contribute to rich and compelling customer experiences. These solutions are designed for organizations who are seeking ways to achieve operational efficiency, increase revenue and improve customer satisfaction and retention.
The CC Elite solution offers options for contact handling so your customers are treated in an efficient manner, enabling agents to more effectively respond to their needs. Intelligent routing of contacts — getting the right agent at the right time — is a proven key driver of customer satisfaction. An added benefit — it can help you reduce costs while delivering greater business value.

Agent client applications enable you to meet your desktop strategy, operating system preference, and contact center approach whether the agent is working at headquarters, in a local branch, or in a home office.

A New Era in Contact Centers
– Avaya CC Elite is a full-featured contact center solution with applications for handling inbound and outbound contacts across multiple channels and providing integrated real-time and historical reporting insights.
– Avaya CC Elite runs on our market leading Avaya Aura® Communication Manager and can easily be configured to include non-voice contacts providing robust multichannel routing capabilities for today’s contact centers, and manages the collection, queuing, and delivery of voice and non-voice work items, such as e-mail and text or web chat sessions, to an appropriately skilled agent. The powerful routing algorithms that reside in Avaya CC Elite software determine the right resource for the right contact.
– The CC Elite omnichannel solution is modular, providing the flexibility organizations rely on as they grow and evolve, integrating seamlessly with Avaya Experience Portal for self-service options and with Avaya Call
– Management System (CMS) for end to end reporting and customization. Avaya offers solutions that will evolve your customer service operation to meet the changing needs of today’s consumers.
– Regardless of whether the customer prefers speaking on a telephone, sending e-mails, texting on a smart phone, or chatting over the internet, CC Elite omnichannel capabilities provide a universal work queue for all supported channels, leveraging various Avaya patented Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) distribution algorithms and predictive technology. Contacts are placed in a single queue and then routed to an agent with relevant tools, skills, and knowledge to handle the request.
Easy to implement and simple to use, the CC Elite omnichannel solution also delivers:
– Out-of-the-box desktop applications for agents and supervisors
– Framework applications: intelligent routing, interaction data and centralized configuration
– Integrated outbound preview and progressive dialing, automated or agent-initiated
– Powerful application development tools for customization and integration
– Simple and fast wizards for desktop screen pops and routing rules

Key capabilities:

The right resource at the right time

By capturing resource skill sets in the routing database, contacts are routed to the right resource, regardless of contact channel. Universal agents who support multiple channel contacts can improve response time measurements, improving service levels and increasing agent efficiency.

Optimal performance management

Reporting is pivotal to a contact center’s success. Basic out-of-the-box performance reporting offers real time and historical activity in the contact center environment. Supervisors can choose to display the information in grid format or report layout. Additional reporting is available optionally with Avaya Call Management System (CMS) which provides access to over 200 standard real-time and historical management reports; a designer package gives the ability to create custom text and/or graphical reports. A free mobile supervisor application enables supervisors to monitor agent performance while on the go.

Effective Agent applications

Provide agents with the tools they need to be more productive, responsive, and collaborative to provide a superior customer experience, whether they’re working in a headquarters location, in a branch office or home office. Dynamic, streamlined user interface delivers easy access to functions such as conference, transfer and a variety of agent capabilities such as Agent State, Log-in, Log-out, Click-to-Dial, and more. Choose from web, desktop, virtualized options, and native support with Google Chromebook.

Proactive customer engagement

From callbacks to targeted campaigns, these simple and effective integrated outbound dialing tools can improve customer engagement and balance agent workload.

Simple wizards facilitate ease of use

Built-in wizards make configuration easy and fast. By leveraging best practices in contact center configurations, Avaya has created pre-defined desktop screen pops and routing rule definitions. This can shorten timelines, allowing business operations to commence more rapidly.

Enhance customer experience through advanced treatments

Unique algorithms and capabilities such as Expected Wait Time, Abandoned Call Assistant, and Customer Requested Call Back deliver operational efficiencies and increase customer satisfaction.

Expand agent knowledge with customer history

Agent desktop displays a list of previous customer contacts to help ensure that agents have relevant context to better serve customers.

Pre-built Microsoft Dynamics CRM Connector

This allows office workers to call individuals in Microsoft Contacts and Accounts lists, and view contact screen-pops with inbound contacts.

Desktop Wallboard application

Desktop application designed to keep agents informed of contact center and individual performance levels by displaying dynamic real-time and statistical information gathered across various resources including Avaya CMS.

Chat canned messages

Agents using chat canned messages are able to make use of personal or corporate specific messages such as “Hello, my name is Sally, how may I help you?” In addition, an agent can configure an e-mail address in the event that no agent is available or a customer attempts to contact a call center after hours. Chat messages can also be used to inform or advertise information about a new or existing promotion.

Keyboard based routing

Allows the administrator to identify keywords, which characterize the content of an e-mail. Keywords can be defined and associated with a group of experts, which in turn can improve routing and deliver higher quality and faster e-mail responses.

Avaya BreezeTM integration

Companies need better ways to quickly deliver innovative communications applications. Now you can save time and expense developing new or improving existing communications and customer experience processes.
Fully integrated with the Avaya Aura® Platform, and by extension Avaya CC Elite solutions, Avaya BreezeTM is an application development and middleware platform that makes it easier to create or embed real-time communications into the mobile, social, and cloud applications and services that your company uses every day.
Leverage visual development tools like Avaya Engagement Designer or the Avaya Collaboratory cloud developer sandbox to quickly model workflows and prototype applications. Then “snap in” your applications or workflows into Avaya BreezeTM, reducing time to market and cost.

Avaya Experience Portal integration

Through the integration of Experience Portal, customers will gain an “all in one” contact center suite experience by configuring Experience Portal within the Elite omnichannel control panel, in addition to improving your customer service. Optional automated and interactive outbound campaigns and communications can be added to Experience Portal. Avaya Experience Portal is sold separately.

Avaya Aura® Workforce Optimization (WFO) integration

Avaya WFO helps organizations balance efficiency and effectiveness of the contact center more strategically by uniting contact center and workforce optimization requirements including Contact Recording, Quality Monitoring, eLearning, Coaching, Performance Scorecards, Workforce Management, Voice Analytics, Desktop and Process Analytics and Customer Feedback in to an integrated solution. As a result, organizations can make better decisions faster and manage resources more effectively transforming customer service from a detached business function into a strategic enterprise asset.