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How did Telenor enable the operation of Contact Center from homes of its agents in the shortest possible term?

Početkom marta ove godine, nismo ni slutili šta će se desiti u našoj zemlji, ali i u čitavom svetu. Globalno širenje Koronavirusa uzdrmalo je mnoge biznise i iz korena promenilo način na koji radimo i obavljamo posao.

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Change Your Video Background in Webex Meetings

Pomoću mobilne aplikacije Webex Meetings za iOS uređaje možete organizovati ili se priključiti online sastancima sa svog iPhone mobilnog telefona ili iPad Pro tableta. Virtuelna pozadina Cisco Webex aplikacije je vrlo korisna opcija u uslovima rada od kuće.

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90 days FREE LICENSE for collaboration tools and online meetings platform

The latest decree of the Serbian Government has pronounced: “Decree on Organizing Employers during State of Emergency, which determines the remote working of employees”. To help in this situation, Algotech is able to offer, for free, a 90-day license of collaboration tools and online meetings services.

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Digital shops with modern Algotech solutions

We are witnessing a global digitalization of everything that surrounds us, from home appliances, cars, the appearance of various gadgets, all the way to a complete change in the way we do our business. Companies, retail chains, and brands have realized that they must adapt to this new trend and thus increase competitiveness and strengthen their market position.

In May, Mobile operator Vip mobile opened two modern and fully digitalized centers. Dejan Turk, CEO of Vip Mobile, officially opened the first digitized center in Smederevo in the presence of numerous guests and users, while the second store started operating in the new shopping mall in Belgrade – Ada Mall, which is opened by Branka Pudrlja Durbaba. This is the first point of sale, opened within the digitalized counter.

vip mobile digitalizovani centri

Algotech’s modern software and hardware solutions have enabled users to encounter with a fully-digital experience within Vip mobile points of sale.

From now on, Vip mobile will show its customers the latest offers on Digital Signage screens, all using the Wallboard Digital Signage platform. The Wallboard platform will allow you to change the content displayed on the screens easily and quickly.


In addition to professional Digital Signage screens, there are also touch screen ELO and ProDVX displays, which allow visitors to see the complete Vip mobile offer and get information that interests them faster than ever.


Why it is important to implement a Digital Signage solution in your marketing strategy:

1. Digital displays capture 400% more views than static displays
2. Over 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual
3. Over 25% of companies place a high priority on Digital Signage campaigns
4. Digital Signage has a 47.7% effectiveness rate for brand awareness

In addition to Digital Signage screens, visitors can also see digital prices in Vip mobile digitized centres. The digital pricing solution enables the creation, control and management of prices on digital displays.

With these digital prices, there is no more printing, nor mounting prices on dozens or even hundreds of products within one store. Price updates are done through a software solution, which makes these changes faster and more efficient than ever before.

Just imagine how much savings this solution brings, and the opportunities it provides you. From now on, you can easily change the complete price list of your products in just few clicks.

We invite you to visit the new Vip mobile digitized centres and discover a fully digital experience.



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Support NURDOR family

NURDOR is a childhood cancer parents association, which makes life easier for kids with this illness and their closest relatives, giving them practical, emotional and material support.

Association NURDOR consists of parents, doctors, medical staff and all people of good will, and you can become a member now. As a socially responsible company, but primarily as humans, we gave our contribution to developing SMS services for regular monthly donations, in cooperation with other mobile carriers.

Therefore, we invite you to send the SMS message with text 2 to 1150, become a regular monthly donor of the association NURDOR and give your support to kids with cancer. Price for the monthly message is 200 dinars.

Take a look at what NURDOR has already done in 15 years of its existence:

· SEVEN playgrounds on hematology and oncology sectors
· More than a THOUSAND AND FIVE HUNDRED families were given support during or after the treatment
· More than a THOUSAND completely free rehabilitation for kids who have undergone the treatment
· FIVE parenting houses for the accommodation and care of the kids being treated and their families
· More than SIX HUNDRED workshops for psychological and social support for parents
· More than FIFTY training for volunteers
· More than THIRTY publications
· More than a THOUSAND public awareness actions
· More than 50 free camps for treated kids and their parents
· A THOUSAND volunteers
· SIX medical staff training
· Over HUNDRED THOUSAND volunteer hours
· More than 300 MILLION dinars invested in improving the treatment conditions
· THREE regulation change initiatives
· ONE COMPLETELY NEW HOSPITAL, on two floors and 800 square meters, which is now the best-equipped institution of this kind on Balkans.

What else is NURDOR working on:

· Completing and equipping new child hematology and oncology department of the Pediatric Internal Hospital in Niš and raising the treatment conditions standards in other child hematology and oncology departments in the country
· Organizing numerous rehabilitation camps for kids and their parents, as well as creating new education programs
· Fighting for parents’ right to sick leave during the whole course of the child’s treatment
· Enabling schooling for the children of high-school age during the course of the treatment
· Founding nationwide pediatric cancer registry, which is essential for each treatment program, result and follow-up monitoring in pediatric oncology (introducing the system for the follow-up monitoring after the successful treatment).

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Cisco IoT: Connecting towards the Future

Cisco Connect conference was held at 19th of March 2019. at the Hotel Crown Plaza in Belgrade. The main topic of this year’s conference was: Global Vision, Local Knowledge. Conference attendees had a chance to discover business trends in digital environment. The focal point of the Cisco Connect 2019 conference was security because the proper defense against the security threats faced in a growing digital world is a must for every business. Also, new standards in modern communication, digitalized work processes and brand-new experience in conferences were introduced.

Over 700 participants from local and foreign companies, public sector representatives and service providers attended numerous lectures, workshops, and presentations of the latest Cisco solutions.

Algotech company, as a silver sponsor of the Cisco Connect conference, held the lecture on the subject of Cisco IoT: Connecting towards the Future. Milan Pijović, Business Development Manager and Siniša Božić, Pre-sales Engineer held the lecture.

Attendees discovered what to expect in the nearby future in terms of IoT development through our presentation. They’ve also got acquainted with the role and position that Algotech company, as a Cisco partner, plans to achieve, and that’d be joining forces together to work on educating the clients and creating engineers.

Cisco and Algotech have, as partners, recognized the possibilities that can make life easier and improve the quality of life, and are related to the development of these aforementioned technologies. Technological overview, as well as the previous case studies, have shown what are the global possibilities and those that Cisco and Algotech recognized as the potential on the regional market, were also a part of the presentation.

They’ve pointed out that IoT is one of the most important technology trends transforming the digital businesses from 2018 to 2023 according to Gartner.

At the end of the lecture, Milovan Pijović surprised visitors and awarded Jovan Rončević with Cisco Certificate Gift Card amounting $100, which Jovan can use upon taking the next Cisco exam.

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Algotech Bosnia and Herzegovina – Successful business start of the Algotech Group youngest member

Algotech Bosnia and Herzegovina –
Successful business start of the Algotech Group youngest member

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Algotech Digital Day

Algotech Digital Day was held on November 15 at the Fabrika event space in Belgrade. Algotech, as the leading regional system integrator in the area of digital and cloud services, had significant organizational support in the main partner of the event – Vestel company, one of the global leaders in the production of the latest generation digital displays and Digital Signage solutions. Alongside Vestel, Algotech Digital Day partners were renowned companies in the field of digital transformation of business Avaya ,  Brand EmbassyFORCS and Wallboard.

Over a hundred representatives from the most successful Serbian companies visited the second consecutive Algotech Digital Day. Through the exhibition and presentation part, professional and scientific community had the opportunity to get insight into new digital and cloud solutions. Vestel’s Digital Signage, Video Wall and Interactive Flat Panel screens, installed in the exhibition section to demonstrate modern business solutions, in a very effective way presented the diversified potentials of Algotech’s partners in the segment of digital transformation and improvement of both business competitiveness and user experience.

Nikola Korać, Algotech’s Director of Sales and Marketing, opened Algotech Digital Day, and suggested that the presence of companies who are the global leaders in digital displays manufacturing (Vestel) and software solutions for digital communications integration (Avaya, FORCS, Brand Embassy, Wallboard), presents an unique opportunity for visitors to get acquainted with innovations in the hardware and software segment of integrated digital communications and digital transformation of the business environment. 

Iskra Tanjga, from Brand Embassy, pointed to the benefits of implementing digital interactive customer centers. Namely, the Brand Embassy digital platform for providing customer services from the cloud, integrates communications across different channels (social networks, messaging, live chat, AI, chatbot, etc.). The solution is unique, scalable and modular, and easily integrates into existing infrastructure of companies, while significantly improving customer care based on digital and omnichannel solutions.

Borko Crnogorac from Telekom Srbija, a leader in fixed and mobile telephony, internet and multimedia, both in the country and in the region, focused on user’s expectations and demands that are exponentially growing and becoming more sophisticated and complex in the digital communications segment. He emphasized that Algotech and Telekom Serbia are long-standing partners that provide efficiency, reliability and quality of implemented business solutions, anticipating trends in the development of customer services in digital and cloud environment.

Mickey Park, vice president of South Korean company FORCS, in charge of global sales, stressed the importance of digital transformation in all business segments and presented the most modern technology solution related to “paperless” company. He emphasized that the partnership of Algotech and FORCS, the leading provider of e-Forms and reporting solutions, is aimed at launching a more dynamic digital business transformation in the region of the Southeast Europe

Nenad Životić, Algotech’s Sales Manager of Cloud Services, presented Avaya “Powered by IPO” Cloud UC & CC solution, designed for all companies that want to expand their sales portfolio with attractive Cloud services. The focus of the presentation was at the Cloud Contact Center as a set of tools, applications and services hosted on virtual servers (cloud), which can help companies to organize and integrate their communication with clients across several different communication channels, and provide call routing, agent management and interaction analytics.

Robert Simon, director of Wallboard company, presented the Digital Signage platform for digital content management, developed to provide users with simple tools for creating complex and dynamic content. This solution represents a new generation of effective communications, whose management system uses the most advanced technology for generating digital content through a single screen, a video wall or a network of multiple digital displays, while the Wallboard’s Digital Signage provides an intuitive and easy to use interface for creating a communication messages.

Burak Özdemir, Vestel’s Sales Manager, presented the main partner of the Algotech Digital Day event – Vestel Group, which is one of the global leaders in the production of digital displays and LED lighting. Vestel Group is a holding of 10 companies in Turkey and 16 affiliates operating in different parts of the world supports its diversified business activity. Vestel has a particularly strong market position in the screen production segment (Digital Signage, Video Wall, Interactive Flat Panel Displays, Flight Information Displays, etc.). The attractiveness, functionality and effectiveness of Vestel’s digital displays and Digital Signage solutions has been further confirmed by the fact that Vestel’s Flight Information screens are going to be installed at the world’s largest airport in Istanbul, which is in the final stage.

Algotech Digital Day ended with a lottery for all attendants, and the winner of the prize draw was given a CX-40 drone.

More pictures from  Algotech Digital Day can be found on our facebook page

Event partners


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Altitude Software and Algotech present the future trends in customer engagement and omnichannel communications

During the last 10 years both companies have been delivering together the best technology solutions to improve the customer experience environment

Altitude Software, global provider of omnichannel solutions to improve the Customer Experience, have been offering technology solutions to reaffirm their presence and tender their local market with its local partner Algotech, a company specialized in the design and implementation of integrated communication systems.


As part of this long and lasting partnership, both brands will host an event of November in Belgrade, Serbia. During the event, the innovation and future contact center roadmap will be presented in the capital of Serbia, an example of the excellent relationship between them. Both companies have developed several success stories in the banking, insurance and public services sectors such as Unicredit, Uniqa, Kommercial Bank, Sberbank, Raiffeisenbank, Serbian Tax Administration.

The topics that will be discussed among other concepts of interest:

  • Evolution of the Cloud,
  • Virtual Assistants,
  • Artificial Intelligence,
  • Chatbots in communication channels such as Facebook Messenger, Skype, Slack.
  • Advanced recording and coaching solutions, along with video integration.

About Altitude Software

Altitude Software offers omnichannel solutions to companies worldwide to achieve unified management of customers interactions and unique experiences that enhance business and relationships. Altitude Xperience is the management software platform for Contact Center, fully modular and scalable, which integrates communications and contact channels in organizations. Over 25 years in the business in this market sector, over 300.000 users, 1.100 standalone installations and over 50 awards for innovation and upgrading the user’s business performance.

For more information visit Altitude Software

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New Algotech cloud services and partner cloud program

Following modern technological trends, Algotech renders new Cloud services including:

In addition, and as a compatible part of new services, Algotech has launched a Cloud Partner Program, intended for all companies that would like to expand their sales portfolio with the most attractive Cloud services.

Algotech Cloud

The event related to new Cloud services and the Partner Program was held at Hilton Hotel. Nenad Životić, Cloud Services Sales Manager and Nikola Korać, Sales and Marketing Director of Algotech, presented our new Cloud Services, Partner Program and vendor support, while Ozren Marić, Regional Director of Avaya, presented the advantages of Avaya Cloud solutions. Slobodan Stevančević, Algotech‘s Senior Sistem Engineer, has demonstrated Cloud Contact Center solution functionalities and advantages in real time. The aim was to reveal Avaya IP Office platform to existing and future partners, as an unique solution for SMB segment.

Algotech Cloud Algotech Cloud

Cloud Contact Center is a set of tools, applications and services hosted on vitrual servers (in the cloud), which can help companies communicate with their clients through multiple communication channels (phone, email and chat messages), using call routing, agent management and interaction analytics.

Major advantages of the Cloud Contact Center are:

  • Predictable monthly costs
  • No capital expenses into additional infrastructure
  • Work from remote locations
  • Flexibility in terms of functionalities and number of users
  • Technologically most advanced solution version – Keep up with technology
  • High availability of the service
  • Security ISO 27001 certification for information security.


Joining our Partner Program allows companies to enrich their business offering with modern Algotech Cloud services, while achieving significant benefits.

Please find more information on our Partner Program on AlgoCloud  Partner Portal.

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