Brand Embassy Digital Omnichannel Cloud platform

Brand Embassy is a digital omnichannel platform for providing customer interaction services from the cloud, which integrates communication through various channels (social networks, messaging, live chat, AI, chatbot and a like). This unique, scalable and modular solution of Brand Embassy is easily integrated into existing infrastructure environment and brings the following advantages: – 95% satisfied clients – 70% reduced time for customer complaints – 300% reduced number of required business operations.

Today, companies are facing multiple market challenges: adapt to the demands of digital business transformation; enhance customer experience; reduce costs and increase profits. Parallel to these requirements, there is an increasing need for digital communication channels in customer interaction centers, but the digital transformation of contact centers can take a very long time. That’s why customer interaction centers need agile partners whose solutions have scalability and integrate all services on one platform, which are the basic features of the Brand Embassy digital platform:

  1. Connect all Digitall Channels
  2. Route&Prioritize
  3. Make Genuine Human Connections
  4. Analyze to Optimize

Brand Embassy is a digital omnichannel platform that through CRM integration optimises communication media mix in order to reduce costs and increase profits. The company has developed B2B SaaS software that integrates all digital channels into single intuitive interface. Through intelligent linking of all digital channels, analysis and management of complete multichannel communication system, interactions are prioritized and queries routed to most relevant agent through most optimal communication channel.
Brand Embassy digital platform is one of the most complete and most efficient systems that easily integrates into existing customer infrastructure. In distinction to other competitive communication systems and platforms, that require relatively complex implementation and integration, Brand Embassy platform can be easily implemented and launched and flexibly optimized over time.