SAP Hybris - Multichannel Campaign Management

Personalized, quick and agile real-time multichannel marketing!
Every day, worldwide users create vast amounts of signals, which not only include contextual data regarding location, device used or the time of the day, but also their intents: what somebody wants or what they need in that particular moment. This combination of context and signal based on the intention is a gold-mine for marketing experts and it provides additional opportunities for relevant content creation and user engagement in the ways that’ll give more benefits than ever. Algotech’s offer brings well-known SAP Hybris solution, which creates value in three key areas of marketing operations: insights in client’s needs and intents, user experience, and marketing agility.

Using SAP Hybris solution, you’ll be able to:

  • Note, expand, and consolidate user data through unique insights for better understanding of each individual user.
  • Create dynamic user profiles that can download data from online and offline resources, and use implicit signals they emit to acquire an insight in their motivations and intentions in real-time.
  • Enable personalized user relations based on the context and intention in real-time.
  • Identify suitable target group for your company and personalize messages through more interaction channels to achieve the contact exactly in the right moment.
  • Use expanded marketing profile to upgrade your sales strategies and provide personalized purchase experience.
  • Convert your users into loyal advocates of your brand with managed loyalty building, user-oriented campaign, and digitally track your client’s loyalty according to your business performance.
  • Optimize marketing decisions with the help of completely transparent and comprehensive marketing processes. React to those marketing opportunities in real-time.
  • Be well acquainted with your marketing activities, upgrade them based on the performance analysis and return on investments, ensure marketing effectiveness review for the top management.
  • Efficiently manage all the aspects of your marketing activities and upgrade your cooperation and transparency.
  • Increase the demand and upgrade your sales efficiency, maintain your contact base and follow success to reach better cooperation between the marketing and sales department.