Knowledge Management

Transform your customer service – Next Generation Knowledge!
According to the data published by well-known global research institutions, by far the most common and main reason for client dissatisfaction is actually inadequate corporate knowledge management. Inconsistency in response giving and inadequate agent knowledge, failure to recognize key information regarding clients (habits, transaction history, and their communication through various channels), as well as the inability to provide relevant answers on the company website itself are just few of many examples. Algotech offers solution created by the global leader eGain, which enables you to solve these issues in the most efficient way possible, that is being used by most successful businesses all around the globe.

Flexible web-based access to the relevant data is the key for providing the adequate data and ensure an adequate expertise granted to agents and other staff, which is a necessary prerequisite for the competent way of carrying out given tasks in service operations. Access to the selected knowledge base and same sophisticated search mechanisms is provided to clients as well, through eGain® Self-Service™ solution. As an integral part of the eGain CEH platform, eGain® KnowledgeAgent™ and eGain® Self-Service™ are effortlessly integrated with all other eGain apps. Those apps enable intranet and extranet access to the general database, enabling the creation of a special, productive and brand compliant experience during each interaction. Assisted by the patented eGain Multisearch™ technology, it combines aforementioned apps and unifies the capabilities of the most comprehensive package of methods for database access, simultaneous search of multiple sources (federated search), bottleneck identification tool and the operational efficiency improvement tool (process intelligence) with intuitive user interface, to be able to provide its users with top-notch service and relevant info at any moment and time. Besides that, users can always choose between several options (paths) to get to the wanted information. All access methods are within one single search tool framework, and this solution enables:

  • Search by keyword or keyword phrase (intent-based search)
  • Localized search
  • Topic-tree view
  • Guided help, assisted by the patented Case-Based Reasoning algorithm (problem-solving based on the previous problem-solving solution experiences – AI technology)
  • Simultaneous content search from the website, contact center, social networks…