At the center of every successful business is information that needs to be quickly accessed, processed and acted on. The challenge for every enterprise organization is that the information is typically scattered across internal systems, including legacy applications, and external sources such as web sites and portals, making it extraordinarily difficult to integrate and automate all data-driven activities.
As IT departments struggle to respond rapidly to the more pressing needs of business groups, key automation initiatives tend to get postponed, rescheduled or forgotten. The result: manual work lives on and the status of inefficient operations remains.

Kapow platform
The Kapow Platform Robotic Process Automation (RPA) enables you to create intelligent digital workforce that works side-by-side with your employees to drive greater efficiency. RPA eliminates almost any manual data-driven activity; intelligent software robots comprising powerful and dynamic process flows automate the tasks that humans would otherwise perform, while complementing other automation platforms.
The Kofax Kapow™ robotic process automation and integration platform is the fastest and most efficient way to build intelligent robots that handle processing of information from virtually any application or data source, including websites, portals, desktop applications and enterprise systems—without any coding.
Kapow lets you quickly build, deploy and manage automated software robots that communicate bi-directionally across internal enterprise systems, web sites, web portals, desktop applications and other data sources, without requiring APIs and complex integration coding. The end result is that companies can quickly gather up vast amounts of data from external sources, such as web sites, and automate virtually any front and back office process by simply deploying intelligent robots that mimic the actions of the user, while also applying business logic and rules along the way. The business benefits are: increased productivity, operational efficiency and a rapid ROI, powered by non-disruptive integration, automation technology that can be rapidly implemented


  • Build sophisticated intelligent robots that automate specific data-driven activities, or develop custom solutions that encompass many robots.
  • Centralized server-based robot deployment and management with a scale-out architecture, load distribution, and fail-over at management console and robot server level.
  • Integrated browser engine that delivers superior web application automation support and supports the execution of multiple robots concurrently on a single server, versus relying on a desktop browser (e.g. Internet Explorer) to run.
  • Automated extraction and transformation of data from enterprise applications, databases, web sites, portals, Excel and more.
  • Automate process activities using intelligent rules-based robots that interact with enterprise applications like CRM, ERP and ECM systems.
  • Easily build and publish robotic integration flows as lightweight business applications for human-assisted robot execution.
  • Integrate data with business systems, processes, databases, data warehouses and business intelligence tools.
  • Centralized monitoring of robots, including auditing of all robot process and user activity.
  • Adheres to IT standards and provides role-based security administration.


  • Business analyst can quickly design intelligent robots, yet Kapow is powerful enough for programmers to build custom robotic application solutions.
  • Build intelligent robots that streamline the collection of important business data and integrate into your business decisions.
  • Gain operational efficiency by infusing robotic speed, intelligence, efficiency and quality into your business processes.
  • Free your employees from repetitive tasks so they can apply their skills to activities that require a human touch.
  • Complete processes the same way, every time – resulting in more accurate and reliable outcomes.
  • Matches the speed of your business needs through agile robotic automation development.
  • Integrate Information from Any Application and Source The Kapow platform delivers access to structured and unstructured data in databases, file and email systems, web sites, portals, legacy systems, enterprise applications and other data sources. It handles the most complex requirements for dynamic sites built with JavaScript and AJAX techniques, legacy mainframe systems, accesses databases and extracts data from Excel, XML, XLS, PDF, RSS feeds and from APIs based on SOAP, REST, XML and JSON.