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Convenient and trustworthy e-signing is an essential for your digital transformation strategy

Improving your organization’s performance means finding new ways to boost process efficiency and engage with both new and existing customers. Reducing paper usage for contracts, approvals, and other business documents helps cut costs and provide a positive customer experience.
Moving away from wet-ink signature processes is an integral part of Digital Transformation (DX) that helps businesses achieve these key performance goals:

  • Reduce operational costs—Decrease paper usage for print-scan processes.
  • Speed time to closure—Cut time needed to complete contracts or approvals from days to minutes.
  • Improve customer satisfaction—Transform your customer experience using the communications channel of their choice— on any device, anytime, anywhere.
  • Stay compliant—Improve compliance by providing a traceable, end-to-end audit trail of all process steps and transactions.
  • Operate securely—Mitigate risk of external or internal fraud attempts and help avoid litigation.

Leading organizations worldwide in banking, insurance, retail and many other industries now achieve their performance goals by leveraging the Kofax SignDoc electronic signature family of products. With SignDoc, your customers, employees and business partners all reap the benefits of trustworthy, secure and convenient paperless signing every day. SignDoc is ideal for a wide range of signing purposes and scenarios.

Use SignDoc to:

  • Deliver substantial evidence of approval and adoption of a document’s contents and its binding, conclusive, non-repudiable character.
  • Enable the validation of authenticity and integrity of signed documents by providing a means to authenticate a signer’s identity as well verify that the document has not been altered after signing

Choose from a Variety of Signing Methods and Deployment Options SignDoc provides a variety of e-signing methods:

  • Performs simple click-to-sign in a browser. Works in combination with digital certificates for signer identification.
  • Captures handwritten signature biometrics on screens of tablets and signing pads, suitable for automatic signature verification and/or analysis by forensic experts.
  • SignDoc can be deployed on premise (behind an organization’s firewall), in private and public clouds, as well as in hybrid mode.

SignDoc supports these e-signing scenarios:

  • Physically connected—in-person, face-to-face, in offices, stores, branches or in the field.
  • Virtually connected—via video conferencing or via audio (e.g., call centers).
  • Remote self-service—on the go on smartphones and tablets, or at a desktop in an office or home.

Integration and Flexible Licensing SignDoc can be integrated into various business processes and environments throughout your organization:

  • E-signing workflow—quickly start implementing an attended signing orchestration with SignDoc, including document status tracking throughout the process.
  • Web-based middleware—easily integrate SignDoc into business applications with corresponding browser plug-ins, mobile apps and device connectors.
  • Desktop client—Use the SignDoc stand-alone rich client in desktop environments.
  • Plug-in for Adobe Reader—SignDoc is custom-tailored for integration in Adobe LiveCycle environments.
  • Software Development Kit (SDK)—The SignDoc SDK enables you to tightly integrate the e-signature and signature verification functionality with your applications or business processes. The SDK also includes the foundation and core components shared in all the other products mentioned above. SignDoc licensing allows flexible changes between integration options. Licensing is based on users or volumes.
SignDoc Elektronski potpis

Kofax SignDoc delivers a wide range of benefits across many industries customer and employee onboarding, in procurement processes, customer account management and service documentation as well as in payroll and finance processes.

How SignDoc Benefits Your Business:

  • Offers comprehensive signing options—SignDoc triggers the e-signing process via click-to-sign and uses handwritten signatures (often the preferred choice in face-to-face signing).
  • Lowers risks of compliance issues—SignDoc provides clear proof of who signed (signatory), what they signed (content status of a document at time of signing), and when they signed (date and time).
  • Delivers strong evidential weight—Digital signatures for each single signature; not only signing a document package, signing triggered by handwritten signatures may include capture of biometric signals of the writing process according to ISO/ IEC 19794-7 standard. Captured photos of signers and/or signer IDs may be added to document as ISO/IEC 32000 PDF standard compliant digital signatures.
  • Provides an audit trail as part of a self-contained signed document—Document validation is independent of connection to external services, so there is no vendor lock-in.
  • Leverages standard workflows—Create, send, track, and sign documents and forms digitally for quick deployment. Or, embed signed documents and forms deeply into your own applications or workflows (via web-based middleware or SDK) to create more tailored experiences.
  • Supports multiple operating system platforms – Including desktop and mobile OS- Windows, iOS, Android and Linux.