OZ e-Form

OZ e-Form is a complete solution that brings tremendous value of paperless transaction in organizations through transforming traditional paper to paperless working environment by using smart phones or mobile devices and reducing business operation costs and increasing business process efficiency and productivity with ROI.
Automate business processes and save the time for more important business tasks. A wide range of dynamic features such as camera, voice recording, e-Signature, barcode recognition, and more are available to meet your business requirements.

Best performance with XML technology

Transaction size using XML technology is remarkably smaller and faster than other image or PDF based solutions(around 100k/page without image).

Dynamic forms with business logics

Users can put business logics and workflows beyond fields on e-Form and manage dynamic forms which can display different forms based on field selection.

SSCP(Single Source Cross Platform)

One single e-Form file can cover any platforms(Windows, iOS, Android) and devices (Desktop, Tablet and smartphone).

Powerful Designer tool to create enterprise forms

Opposed to those e-Forms made on web browser, there’s no limitation to create complicated enterprise forms and very intuitive to use.

Easy to create forms with Excel

From MS Excel, users especially non-tech people easily convert existing excel forms to paperlesse-Form displaying on smartphone.

Offline on the field

For the cases of offline, all input data on e-Form will be saved in device and synchronized

Rich Data Input Components

Various features of smart device, like Camera, Voice, Text, Checklist, Barcode, Time Stamp, GPS, OCR are fully integrated.

No need to download mobile viewer

Using HTML5 Technologies once forms, like registration/application forms have been filled up, the link will be sent to mart phone through OTP to verify and get signature without viewer download.

Integration with other systems through XML/Webservice

e-Form can be converted to XML and integrate with any databases and systems through Webservice

Forms and data can be encrypted for the purpose of data protection.

What’s the benefits?

Cost Saving

  • Save cost of paper forms and labor
  • Reduce the cost of document management

Business Efficiency

  • Innovated new business process without paper
  • Save/Improve data entry process

Document Security

  • Protect business/personal security from storage & disposal of paper
  • Secure paper document management

Go Green

  • Reduce Carbon footprint
  • Green working environment