Headsets for office & call center with noise cancellation and superior sound – Bluetooth headsets and speakers – Wireless sport headphones – True wireless …

Headsets and speakerphones for work:
This range of headsets and speakerphones is specially optimized for office and call center environments. They work out of the box with leading UC platforms from Cisco, Microsoft, Avaya, and more. All models follow strict hearing protection standards to shield your ears from sudden spikes in volume and make sure you’re not exposed to damaging sound levels throughout your work day.

Noise-cancelling headsets:
Made for loud open offices, noise-cancelling headsets are designed to block background noise and help you focus. They offer passive noise cancellation that filters out high-frequency noise. Higher-end models also incorporate active noise cancellation technology, which uses tiny microphones to pick up ambient noise and generate an “anti-noise” signal, actively countering low-frequency sounds. When you’re not on a work call, you can use these headsets to listen to your music.

Wired headsets:
Wired headsets connect directly to your computer via USB or 3.5mm port and let you start talking in seconds. You don’t need to worry about the call dropping off or running out of battery. They come in mono (one ear) and duo (two ear) variants, depending on what you prefer. Many models are made to withstand prolonged use with durable Kevlar cords and a boom arm that can rotate 360 degrees without snapping. They’re comfortable enough to wear all day and have special noise-cancelling microphones that ensure the other side only hears your voice.
Wireless headsets:
Wireless headsets use Bluetooth or DECT technology to connect to your laptop, smartphone, or tablet. They have a wireless range of almost 100 meters, so you can leave your desk while on a call to e.g. pick up printouts or find documents. Most models connect to multiple devices at the same time, letting you easily switch between making calls on your smartphone or work PC. Some are equipped with a special base and a touchscreen that lets you manage your calls. Wireless headsets are available in mono (one ear) and duo (two ears) versions.
Conference speakers:
These are portable speakers that you can take anywhere you go. They let you have a conference call that others in the room can participate in. All models make sure that both sides of the call hear each other clearly and without distortions.
The basic model is great for small rooms and connects to your laptop, tablet, or phone via USB or 3.5mm cable. Mid-range model adds the option to connect wirelessly via Bluetooth. The high-end model can handle large meeting rooms with around 15 participants. It has special ZoomTalkTM microphones that isolate the voice of the person speaking