Altitude Xperience

Empowering Organizations to Build Great Customer Experiences

Altitude uCI, unified customer interaction, is a customer engagement platform that helps companies establish and maintain a relationship with their customers. It breaks company siloes by linking all departments and most importantly, unifying customer data into a single place. It is a complete, modular solution that provides all the functionality needed at a contact center. The modularity of the suite allows the contact center to grow according to the business needs. The efficiency of a company´s contact center is key to a successful business performance.

Using Altitude uCI companies can leverage best practices and technology to achieve loyal customers, business goals, and make profit. If customers have a positive experience, they will advocate your brand and encourage others to try it. Word of mouth has always been a very powerful business enabler, but nowadays, with the rise of social media and blogging, one customer can influence hundreds of new ones. Today’s customers demand an integrated experience and expect perfection from companies they do business with. The Altitude uCI solution connects all customer
touch points to have a unified view of the customer journey. It allows contact centers to optimize campaigns to manage high call volumes, increase performance with automated IVR campaigns, or match agent skills with customer needs to improve the customer experience. Human resources are the most important asset of a contact center and companies need to understand and appreciate their value. Altitude uCI enables agent empowerment by providing them with a simple, intuitive desktop application, guiding scripts, and a unified view of each customer. It motivates employees with diversified work and real-time information about individual and group performance. Managing a successful contact center requires access to powerful insights about the performance. Our solution enables real-time and historical information, reports, and alarms that allow contact center operations and management to make informed decisions on the fly and take action to improve the future.