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Powerful Contact Center Solution for Your Business

Advanced Omnichannel Contact centers solution from cloud or on-prem

Next level customer experience

"We are proud to work with some of the largest companies in Serbia and region."

Customer experience on next level

Contact Center Solutions

Real-time customer profile

Technology that allows caller identification and offers the CC operator options or campaigns

Interactive Voice
Response (IVR)

Technology that accepts incoming customer calls, allows them to select one of the offered options, or plays a recorded message

Knowledge base

Database of answers and answers available to operators in omnichannel communication

Call Queuing

Technology that redirects incoming calls to the first free and appropriate CC agent.

Inbound/ Outbound

Technology for accepting incoming and initiating outgoing campaign or adhoc calls

Voice and Chat Bot solutions

Voice chatbot is a conversational AI communication tool that can capture, interpret, and analyse vocal input from the speaker in order to respond in similar natural language.

Call Recording

This option allows to the client to enter their phone number without waiting and he will be called back

Call Recording

An option that allows the client to enter their phone number without waiting and being called later.

Benefits of using our
contact center solution

Flexibility and Control

Flexibility and Control

The flexibility of the solution allows you to improve the user experience and to control quality of your services in real time

Reliable and Secure

Reliability and security of your clients’ data is guaranteed by our numerous certificates and references

Reliable and Secure

Comprehensive Reporting

Comprehensive Reporting

CC solutions provide the possibility of real-time monitoring of service quality and periodic reporting

Contact centers for
premium customer experience


Sales and


75%of customers find the idea of a callback
(aka virtual queuing) ‘highly appealing’.

65%of consumers feel good about
themselves when they successfully
use self-service.

66% of contact centers don’t
provide any option for customers
to move between self-service and
an agent.

Loyal customers spend
67% more than new customers.