Transform Traditional Branches Into Fully Digital and Interactive Experience

  • No Lines With Digital QMS
  • Up-To-Date Promotions Signage Screens
  • Digital Prices With Electronic Shelf Labels

"We are proud to work with some of the largest companies in Serbia and region."

Cloud Based, state of the art Digital Signage solution


Easily create content and campaigns with our CMS

Digital Signage platform allows you to quickly and easily create and display any type of material on your screen or video wall. Through a simple DRAG-AND-DROP interface, you can create campaigns and show anything you want. You can manage the screens from any device and any location, regardless of where your Digital Signage screens are located.


  • Simple DRAG-AND-DROP editor
  • Cloud base solution
  • Creating campaigns without coding and programming
  • Manage content from any device or location
  • Easy campaign scheduling
  • Large number of design elements available

Did you know that as many as 83% of consumers remember the campaign they see on Digital Signage screens?

Do you need digital signage screens, interactive screens, totems, kiosks or video walls?

Choose from many different screen sizes and functionalities

  • Indoor and Outdoor screens
  • Interactive Touch Screen Displays 16/24 and 24/24 mode

Interactive Touch
Screen Displays

Interactive Touch
Screen Displays

Our interactive touch screens are the best solution for educational institutions, corporations, but also for any publicly available places.

They are built in different technologies (LCD, LED ), sizes and resolutions. In our portfolio you can always find the perfect solution tailored to your needs and requirements.

Video Wall

Totems, Kiosks & Wayfound

Totems, Kiosks & Wayfound

We offer the most diverse models of Totems and kiosks, either for outdoor or indoor use. We also offer custom made mount brackets, frames, vandal proof housings, etc.

We provide only the best:

Digital Queue Management System and People Counter

Digtal Queue

Eliminate the problem of traditional queuing and increase customer satisfaction, loyalty and business turnover. Our innovative solution for digital queue management, allows you to avoid crowds in your branches, shops or venues, especially during an emergency situation like today’s situation with Coronavirus. Digital QMS allows your customers to reserve their place in the queue without having to be in the branch, thus reducing and controlling the number of people present at the same time. The queuing reservation service is available without downloading any application, which means that it is very easy to use. Your customers book an appointment either by phone or through a special booking web page.

How does it work?


By calling or visiting web page, user sees when is the next free appointment for a certain service. Also, user can choose to schedule an appointment in the future.


After making a reservation, user receives an email or SMS message confirming the successful reservation of his appointment.


When the time comes, the user receives a new email or SMS message with that information and only then, he comes to the branch.


  • No need for additional application
  • Quick and easy scheduling
  • Protects the environment – without paper and toner
  • Increases customer satisfaction
  • Controls the number of people in the object


Easy to use The user does not need to install the application to use the platform


The client simply reserves his
place without the need to
come to the branch and
create unnecessary crowds


By eliminating the queues,
you will successfully fulfill
the protection measures
adopted by the Government
during the emergency


Marketing communication:        personalized advertisements, user interfaces corresponding with brand image on location and on mobile devices.


Within the platform, you can
promote your products and
services and ask for
feedback from the


Within the platform, you can
promote your products and
services and ask for
feedback from the


You will get access to reports
to help you analyze and
make decisions

Digital Prices

Digital Prices

In recent years, one of the most interesting changes that have caused great buzz is the introduction of digital prices (Electronic Shelf Labels – ESL). Digital version of price labels uses an e-ink screen to display the prices, which are connected to the retailers’ database. Changes in the prices are done automatically by entering new ones in the software.

Digital prices have many different benefits for retailers. From now on, retailers can change prices multiple times during the day which allows them to improve user experience that will eventually lead to better customer loyalty.


  • Advanced Pricing Strategy
  • Available in many shapes and sizes
  • Reduced printing costs
  • Reduced staff costs


Increase customer loyalty

If the company has different prices in stores compared to their webshop, customers are going to lose the trust. ESL lets you get through this challenge allowing you to have a unique standardized pricing system.

Improved service

Digital prices allow you to improve services and gain a new way of interaction with your customers, from location-based offers to special promotions and discounts.

Price accuracy

Manage a huge number of digital prices in hundreds of stores from one single location with 100% accuracy. Digital prices allow you to have same product prices in all stores.


Digital prices are available in many different shapes and sizes. Customize them to your own needs, by using different design elements.

Cost reduction

By using digital prices you will eliminate cost of printing paper price labels and overall logistics around price tags replacement inside the stores.

Increase revenue

Digital pricing technology allows you to connect with other brands and promote their products. In that way, you can make an additional stream of revenue.