Digital Signage

Get your brand closer to your clients with Algotech Digital Signage service!
Algotech tries to provide its users with innovative and efficient solutions that will ensure them a competitive edge through the usage of latest communication and information technologies. Digital Signage has been created for that exact purpose and is another digital communication channel in Algotech’s portfolio. This is a significant step towards creating a more sophisticated way for market placement and client promotion.

When we say Digital Signage, we mean digital displays (screens) used to inform users/clients and to grab their attention, mostly placed in public places (retail stores, waiting rooms, showrooms, classrooms, restaurants, etc.). Digital Signage has spread quickly in the developed world, and today, it is a common, efficient, flexible and affordable solution for client communication.

Digital Signage solution usage can be applicable to all industry sectors. From large retail chains (clothing stores, grocery stores, appliance outlets…), through financial institution, automobile industry, health and educational institutions, tourist agencies, to airports, bus stations and many other public places, as well as the closed corporative systems (digital ad boards), etc.

Algotech Digital Signage service primarily enables:

  • Acces to the latest Digital Signage technologies, including interactive Digital Signage solutions
  • CMS (Content Management System) by leading vendors in Digital Signage industry, we recommend Signagelive CMS cloud solution
  • A great selection of Specialized Digital Signage screens by leading vendors declared to work 16 or 24h a day, 7 days a week
  • Wide range of operative systems used as platforms for Digital Signage solution implementation (Samsung SSP, LG webOS, Windows, Philips, Android, ChromeOS…)
  • Quick and efficient solution implementation, with flexible services selection (from basic one to „key in hand“ one)
  • Optional content creation services for your Digital Signage solution needs
  • Optional Digital Signage solution integration with existing systems and databases
  • Use of Samsung SSP and LG WebOS screens, based on SoC (System on Chip) technology, which further enables the implementation without using additional players (lower expenses, simplified installation and cabling, lower energy consumption…) and greater compatibility with a large number of up-to-date Digital Signage CMS solutions
  • Use of interactive displays (Touch Screen or optional with the Touch Overlay components) to reproduce the interactive content
  • Digital Signage screen dimensions are from 10″, 22″, 32″, 40″, 43″, 47″, 55″ and larger, and can be merged to create video wall solution, based on the client’s request

And you, as a client:

  • Don’t have to invest in infrastructure or CMS software because you’ll get the complete solution based on the operating model for the agreed number of months, with a monthly fee for leased Digital Signage solution
  • Will get high-quality support, maintenance, surveillance and reporting, and a trustworthy partner in moving your business higher up the digital communication’s ladder