Vasa Šegrt new CEO

New Algotech CEO, Vasa Šegrt, Speaks of Future Plans

Algotech Serbia announced appointment of Vasa Šegrt as a new CEO, who will replace the founder of the company, Aleksandar Bakoč, at that position. Within ambitious plans of regional expansion, Aleksandar Bakoč will take the role of Board of Director’s President and will supervise operations of Directors of all Algotech companies in the region.


Vasa Šegrt already started working on winning new markets and establishment of strategic partnerships that will help Algotech achieve its goals in a faster and more efficient manner, and, together with the Algotech management team, he will continue providing top services to clients.


Algotech Serbia was founded in year 1992 by Aleksandar and Goran Bakoč. They started with one office, but, owing to their accelerated growth, in a couple of years they opened offices all over Europe. Currently, Algotech operates in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina and in other countries, while in the future, it will intensify the expansion of its presence in the EMEA region.


“I am very honored to take over the role of the CEO of Algotech in Serbia. I wish to thank the owners, Aleksandar and Goran Bakoč, for believing in me and I am looking forward to helping our company grow. We are all looking forward to expanding to new markets, especially the EMEA region, offering new, even more innovative services. 

We believe that our products and services will enable our customers to offer top customer experience to their end users. I am looking forward to cooperating with the Algotech team in Serbia, as well as other members of Algotech group, to continue developing advanced technologies together, that will aid in building customer experience in the new digital world, such as solutions for natural language understanding (NLU), conversation bots, AI chat bots, etc.” said Vasa Šegrt.