thirty years

30 YEARS empowering businesses, innovations and communications

January 12th 2022, Algotech celebrates 30 years in business.

Year 2022. stands out as a significant milestone for Algotech company. What began as a small family company has grown into an industry-leading system integrator of the most tech advanced solutions that employs more than 75 professionals.

Today, we collaborate with hundreds of the largest companies from Serbia and the region. The dedication of our employees to providing the highest level of quality service, innovations, and premium customer care is the key to our success story. 

Over the last 3 decades, we have been growing together with our clients and we had fortunate to align with the most innovative partners.

Algotech founder and CEO, Aleksandar Bakoč, points up that our focus will always be on the future:

“In 30 years of business, Algotech has grown into a renowned regional IT company, and above all we have remained true to our original ideas: to provide customers with outstanding service, to operate in accordance with ethical standards, and to improve the entire business culture in the region. I believe that we have succeeded in that, but I also believe that those same ideas are still motivating us to do anything we can in order to create a better society with new energy and passion. However, it’s only been the first 30 years.”

Thank you to everyone who has helped us reach this great milestone!

About the Algotech

Algotech is a leading company in the field of design and implementation of the most tech advanced integrated communication systems. Algotech is a leading company for developing and implementing integrated communication systems.

For the last 30 years, year in year out, Algotech has been creating products and solutions based on the world’s latest tech achievements. During these years, the skills and knowledge of our employees in adapting solutions to the local market have made us into many clients’ first choice.

What sets us apart is the skillfulness of our experts to tailor the world’s latest tech achievements, so they are the best fit for the local market. 

Algotech was founded in 1992 and ever since then, our mission has always been to go one step further in search of the newest technology solutions in the field of integrated communications. Today, after 30 years, we’re working with companies successfully in Serbia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Slovenia. We established our presence in many different industries, including telecommunication, finance and banking, insurance, healthcare.