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Pro AV Solutions

Let us help you get your Conference Room done right!

As technology continues advancing rapidly, we pride ourselves on leveraging experience to deliver multimedia systems design, engineering, and installation for conference rooms, classrooms, network operation centers, and more.

Whether you are looking for a one-touch video conferencing room or a full scale auditorium AV system, you can trust us to meet your needs.

Control systems - the invisible control technologies powering user experience.

Will help you in room control, room booking, security control, networking. AV control systems are responsible for delivering your user experience, reliability and responsiveness of service, and safe and smooth running of your enterprise’s AV and UC systems.

Room control allows the person running the show to turn things on, play videos, show presentations, lighting, and other cues. All audio visual equipment in the room is hooked into one system, allowing the showrunner to select what they need from a single remote. This remote might be a tablet, iPad, or touchscreen remote these days. Room control focuses on the options to turn on and control audio and electronic equipment.

These systems are used on enterprise level and in private residences. More in-home screening rooms, classrooms, and lecture halls are becoming high-tech.

AV Switching

Is the core part of AV technology? The bigger your network, the more they matter.

These are the essentials of network communications, controlling the sending and receiving of by devices all data captured, generated, heard, and seen. They direct the traffic so it arrives at its intended destination and takes the most efficient route.

AV switching is one of the most complex aspects of multimedia networking and has involved special technology, protocols and equipment.

Game changing AV-over-IP now brings AV onto the same single platform at IT, making it easier and less expensive to deploy, deliver and manage.


Develop at high speed with new light sources, innovative features, power saving technologies, higher resolutions and types of interactivity. We offer rich array of display technologies and brands to choose:  Video Walls, LCD flat and flexible panel displays, LED displays, projectors, open frame and retractable displays for your environment. We track latest developments and products so we can match displays to your needs.

You may choose from retail digital signage to displays for collaboration meeting spaces, lecture halls, to enterprise video walls and interactive displays.

Professional sound solutions

Deliver truly extraordinary communication with unparalleled ease of management.

Engineered to optimize productivity, Pro-Sound products provide seamless audiovisual experiences for meeting spaces of all sizes, including face to face and distance audio and video meetings.

We offer complex solutions, including Sound calculations and design, digital signal processors, amplifiers, beamtracking microphones, loudspeakers and many other for your enterprise, auditorium or conference room.

AV application

Are crucially  important in the realization of specific projects requiring:  AV network management, Room Booking, Digital signage, Video Walls management, Sound Systems, Digital Audioconference, Simultaneous Translation etc.

AV application studies are carried out for each individual case, to establish how to best meet the customer’s needs in light of the budget allocated to the project. The objective of our team is always to find the best quality solution at the best price.

70% of events are now hybrid or have the option to attend virtually