Algotech and Logate Partner Up to Improve CX in South East Europe

Algotech has announced a partnership with Logate, a Montenegrin software company, which will bring Logate’s contact center solution Connect to Serbia, Romania, and Bulgaria.

So far Connect has shown itself as crucial in improving customer experience and digitalisation in many different industries, some of which are Retail, Healthcare, and Banking. This omnichannel contact center platform enables businesses to have seamless and consistent communication with both their existing and potential customers across various channels which include Voice and Video Calls, SMS, Email, and digital channels (Instagram, WhatsApp, Viber, and Facebook Messenger).

“After exchanging thoughts and perspectives for the region at several different events, we realized there is a great potential for collaboration on the digital transformation of contact centers. This collaboration will be especially valuable to those enterprises that are looking to replace costly legacy solutions, on one hand, while introducing innovations for their customers, on the other”, said Ivica Tatar, Strategy Lead and Co-founder of Logate.

“Our commitment to this collaboration goes beyond providing cutting-edge technology. By pooling our collective insights, expertise, and resources, we can catalyze a shift towards more agile, efficient, and customer-focused contact center solutions. Together, we can navigate the complexities of digital transformation, ensuring a smooth transition for enterprises seeking to modernize their contact center operations.” stated Vasa Šegrt, the CEO of Algotech.


About Algotech

Algotech has been a leading provider of integrated communication systems in different industries across the Eastern European market for over 30 years. The company is entrusted by major global firms as a result of their commitment to creating products and solutions based on global tech innovations, tailoring them according to the needs of local markets. Algotech is dedicated to helping companies with efficient adaptation to the rapidly changing landscape of modern business environments. Learn more at 


About Logate

Over the course of seventeen years, since its foundation, Logate has evolved into a dynamic force, crafting specialized and industry-recognized software solutions, helping telecoms, banks, and enterprises navigate through the digital transformation. With a wealth of global knowledge and experience, Logate thrives in fast-paced environments, operating in more than 10 countries. Learn more at