Teleton 2017

Algotech backs UNICEF on the humanitarian project „Za svako dete“ -Teleton „POZOVI POMOZI“

Corporate social responsibility is a part of the corporate culture and the enterprise responsible towards its employees, living environment, the wider social and local community. Company Algotech has developed its corporate culture based on these principles, in which the children care has its special place. Longtime partnership with UNICEF is just a reasonable continuation of this policy.

UNICEF, as the United Nations children’s fund, promotes child rights and well-being, with a special emphasis on the most vulnerable population of kids: most threatened kids, disadvantaged kids and children with special needs. Besides, UNICEF’s efforts are, in a long-term, directed towards transforming child rights into permanent moral principles and international standards.
In Serbia, UNICEF’s goal is to develop strategies and programs that’ll help kids, who are severely marginalized and excluded from the education system, get the chance to be included as the part of the society and grow up healthy, complete their formal education and achieve their full potential. One of the most significant programs to achieve these goals is the humanitarian fundraising event during the 2-hour live TV show on the channel with the national frequency. Namely, UNICEF traditionally holds humanitarian TV event Teleton in Serbia, named “POZOVI POMOZI” (“CALL AND HELP”), with the goal of raising funds to support most vulnerable, disadvantaged and excluded kids, as well as the children with special needs in Serbia.

Humanitarian UNICEF TV project Teleton, named “Za svako dete” (“For every child”), was broadcasted on the national-frequency channel TV Prva on 16th of December 2017. Many celebrities from the showbiz, cultural, political, media and sports life in Serbia, participated in this show and answered viewers calls. During the program segments UNICEF’s work in Serbia were shown, along with musical performances and interviews with participants of this program.

Algotech, as a socially responsible company, has been supporting numerous humanitarian events for many years, as we consider this as the good way to actively contribute to the development and well-being of the society we live and work in. Therefore, the company has participated in this UNICEF event as well, helping the implementation of the TV project “POZOVI POMOZI”. Purpose of this event was to promote the equal chance for each and every child because limitations during the childhood can impact every segment of child’s life, which in turn jeopardizes child’s health, security, and education.