Algotech celebrates 25 years of successful business

With numerous guests, associates and Algotech’s partner companies in attendance, Algotech has celebrated 25 years of successful business. Since its foundation in 1992, Algotech has gone a long way in this business. From those conditions of uncertainty in the nineties, with a lot of effort and work, to the path to success that Algotech has paved and has been going that direction for the 25 years.

Company’s founder, Aleksandar Bakoč, pointed out that he’s really proud of all employees who, in the last 25 years, helped to achieve remarkable business results and helped this company to become one of the market leaders. “There is no better feeling than the one you have when you build and create something, and Algotech has been doing that tirelessly for the last 25 years. We set our bars higher each passing year, with each following year being better than the last one, in our knowledge base, experience, and the quality of service we provide to our clients, as well as the financial results.

Team spirit is always an important factor to success, and that’s exactly what defines company’s business performance and a factor that Algotech was always investing in. The energy that all of us in Algotech have is simply contagious. Mutual trust, enthusiasm, and people who are always a pleasure to work with were always our main quality. Things are always so much easier when you know each and every team member will always give its best. It’s much easier to focus on our clients, provide them with high-quality service and finish our projects within given deadlines. The list of more than 500 companies that became our clients during the last 25 years is proof of our quality-oriented approach to service providing,” says Aleksandar Bakoč, Algotech’s founder.

Company’s director Dragan Gajić has stressed that one of the main challenges of the modern-day business environment is the business digital transformation and way of communication and that Algotech has already created business portfolio diversification strategy focusing on the communication process digitalization, business processes automation, as well as the implementation of other advanced solutions that enable better communication and sales channels integration. Also, he has confirmed that the company’s goal is to upgrade the client satisfaction and loyalty level even further, through the high professional approach and an ongoing employee education, as well as through the adoption of a corporate culture based on the client’s needs and satisfaction.

Company’s redesigned logo and new slogan ‘Link to Customer Satisfaction’ was introduced on this occasion.

As the symbol of gratitude for commitment, joint work and successes achieved during these 25 years, company employees gave gifts (two paintings) to Bakoč brothers. Those are two oil paintings and they represent the signature employees built together over years. Paintings are negatives, B&W – as the yin and yang. They resemble two different characters that work as a whole in synergy and symbolize company’s founder’s character compatibility.

Goran Bakoč, CEO and board member of the company, thanked employees for the impressive gift and surprise they prepared together. He pointed out that these gifts reflect Algotech’s base values – compatibility, synergy and team spirit. “This company is made of people and I wish to thank all of you, Algotech’s employees, for being the part of this company and for helping, through our joint work, effort, and commitments, to reach the 25th year of successful business. Without people, the company itself exists only on paper. What made Algotech better up to now was the team spirit, and I hope it’ll stay that way in the future that will bring even more success for all of us”, Goran Bakoč stressed out.

Watch the video from the celebration: