Algotech Digital Time – KOFAX is new Algotech’s partner

Digitalization of communication channels and business process automation are the focal point of Algotech’s business orientation. Therefore, the company has additionally diversified its business portfolio with innovative solutions and the partnership with world-renowned company – Kofax.

Company Kofax is the leader in customer journey optimization, which is achieved through simplification and digitalization of business interactions with clients, and corporate culture of the company Algotech is based on user’s needs and satisfaction, so the compatibility of Algotech’s and Kofax’s long-term goals resulted in partnership and joint market penetration in Western Balkans countries’ markets.

Company Kofax developed the digital platform for simplification and optimization of business interactions with clients. The solution developed by Kofax is the first global integrated digital transformation platform, which collects business data and transforms them into relevant business info based on which it automates business processes, increasing company’s operational efficiency, which in turn leads to upgraded market position and competitive edge company has.

The solution developed by Kofax is a unique digital transformation platform that significantly simplifies company’s business activities, in terms of simplification of the initial, as well as other client contacts. This platform transforms critical client engagement processes combining mobile and omnichannel interaction, process management and automation, data collection and ability to perform analysis using unique, scalable platform. Kofax platform integrates the connection between current „recording systems“ and sophisticated „engagement systems“ and digitally transforms processes that direct these interactions – such as data collection, workflow automation, and document signing process. By digitalizing and reducing latency between all contact points with the client, the company can provide a more efficient and effective user experience that creates satisfied and loyal clients and builds long-term, successful business relations.

The most significant benefits that can be achieved by implementing Kofax solution are:

  1. Customer journey optimization
  2. Increased efficiency and responsivity of the company
  3. Reduced operative costs
  4. Upgraded decision-making process


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