Algotech installed Digital Signage system in NSPORT Company

Algotech continuously diversifies its business portfolio, especially in the digital communication sector.

Our goal is to provide our users with innovative and efficient solutions that’ll ensure them a competitive edge through the application of the latest communication and information technologies. Therefore, Algotech has expanded its enterprise offer with various digital communication channels that represent a significant step toward a new way of marketing placement and client promotion. One of our latest digital communication channels in our portfolio is Digital Signage, i.e. use of modern-day digital LED screens for different purposes, from classic display advertising in clients’ public objects to self-service for their users and Digital Signage system integration in various existing clients’ systems.

Algotech installed its first Digital Signage system for NSPORT Company, located in Knez Mihailova 9. System comprises od 4 specialized 55-inch Digital Signage screens merged into a single video wall system and placed in the shop window, working in a 24h mode.

Digital Signage as a way of company branding is a significant upgrade for promotional marketing mix, which achieves its special effects at highly busy locations. NSPORT Company has a retail chain of over 50 shops located in the most prominent locations throughout Serbia, and for the company with that kind of portfolio, Digital Signage is an optimal solution in digital communication channels sector