Algotech is the “Partner in Customer Excellence” of Avaya

Avaya Company, one of the Algotech’s most important partners, has exceptionally high criteria when giving the “Partner in Customer Excellence” status. Algotech has achieved this “Partner in Customer Excellence” status for 5 years in a row, and this status represents yet another certificate of our high-quality service and customer care that Algotech is focusing on.
Avaya conducts a satisfaction and loyalty survey as the part of their Connect CSAT program, since 2013. These surveys focus on customer care, i.e. continuous dedication to provide and maintain high-quality user services for clients. Results of this Avaya Connect CSAT survey suggest that clients placed Algotech on the higher end of the scale regarding the service quality and customer care, therefore, giving Algotech Avaya’s “Partner in Customer Excellence” status for the fifth year in a row.