Algotech partner on Digital Day event – powered by Hybris

Digital Day is a unique event that focuses on innovative formats of digital and interactive advertising that has been traditionally held in Belgrade since 2011. This event has an educational character, and is attended by experts in the field of digital advertising and branding, in order to share their knowledge and the best global practices from the digital advertising industry. Over 800 attendees of this year’s event testify that this is a renowned event in the field of digital marketing and interactive advertising.

Digital Day was held on May 7 and 8, 2018 in the Yugoslav Drama Theatre in Belgrade. The attention of this year’s Digital Day event, named New Signal, was focused on:

  1. New advertising landscape
  2. Digital transformation
  3. Brand design

The advertising industry has dramatically changed over the past decade, in the sense that digital advertising has become an inevitable instrument in creating effective marketing communications. Digital transformation has found its strong foothold in the advertising industry, which traditionally first adopts and implements innovations in the area of information and communication technologies. Hence, it is not surprising that companies, sometimes dominantly oriented on the traditional media of mass communication, are increasingly turning to digital media and direct communication with the client when creating their advertising plans. The reason for this is that communication via digital media enables instant measurability of the results and adaptability of the sales strategy.

  • In line with its business orientation, steered towards digitizing the communication process, Algotech, as the partner of Digital Day – New Signal event, presented its digital and cloud services:
      • Hybris Marketing personalized, fast and agile multi-channel real-time marketing that creates value for three key areas of marketing operations: insight into users’ needs and intentions, user experience and marketing agility.
      • Algotech Cloud CC powered by Avaya IPO – an optimal cloud solution for small and medium-sized businesses that want to improve communication with users and business partners through three channels: voice, e-mail and web chat, with proactive management of the overall interaction process with the customer.
      • Digital Signage – the ideal method to effectively visualize your brand by using digital displays as one of the most attractive channels of modern communication.
      • Brand Embassy – a business portfolio that helps companies to attract new, and retain existing customers, by the aid of the Digital Customer Service, along with cost-cutting and revenue-boosting, with customer service that processes high-volume digital channels
      • Dynamic Newsletter – an application for creating dynamic newsletter, customized for each user, used as a quick, simple and effective promoting tool. It means creating a single newsletter, with each user receiving the unique content of newsletter, depending on his previously expressed interest.
      • Viber marketing – Viber messages are an excellent complement to the SMS service, since users who do not have Viber installed automatically get an SMS message. Viber messages can have up to 1000 characters (including special characters), images and links.
      • My Leadzz – a service for creating and managing effective marketing campaigns from the cloud. Integratation with the web site is made in a whisk, and you do not need the programming skills to use the tools inside the platform. Try My Leadzz platform FOR FREE – sign up for a 14 days trial at