Algotech traditionally supports Teleton humanitarian action – HEART FOR CHILDREN

Algotech supported Teleton humanitarian action this year as well, a charity organized by Radio Television of Serbia and Blic Foundation. The goal of this humanitarian project was to equip all maternity wards in Serbia with newborn hearing screeners.

Algotech as a socially responsible company has been supporting numerous humanitarian actions over years because we consider that as a correct way to actively contribute to the development and welfare of the society we live and work in. Humanitarian TV project Teleton is a part of a huge Blic Foundation charity – “Heart for Children”, carried out with a goal of raising funds to buy hearing screeners for newborns, which would equip all maternity wards in Serbia. Tv project Teleton – “Heart for Children” was broadcasted on the first channel of Radio Television of Serbia, that is – RTS1 on Monday, 24th of May 2016 at 21:00 PM.

Numerous celebrities took part in this TV show, mainly from show-biz, cultural, political, media and sport world in Serbia (Sergej Ćetković, Saša Popović, Svetlana Ražnatović, Aleksandra Radović, Siniša Mali, Boris Tadić, Dragan Đilas, mGordan Kičić, Emir Bekrić, Ivan Ivanović, Dejan Stanković, Olivera Kovačević, Saša Janković, Bojan Pajtić, Sanda Rašković Ilić, Lazar Ristovski, Danica Maksimović, Dušan Borković, Nele Karajlić, Mima Karadžić Milica Dabović, Dejan Bodiroga and others) answered viewers’ telephone calls and talked to them.

Telephone calls were charged at a rate of 100 dinars per call, each minute of conversation cost 100 dinars, and SMS message was also charged 100 dinars. All participants that took a part in this projects realization gave up their profits to aid this humanitarian cause.

Besides Algotech as a technical sponsor, this event was supported by Telekom (Serbia) and NTH media enabling this humanitarian line 0905/700-705 to be reached both via landline and mobile carriers of Telekom Serbia, SBB’s and Orion Telecom’s landlines and mobile carriers Telenor and VIP, while MTS, VIP, and Telenor supported humanitarian SMS message number 2552.