Take control!
Aurora is a tool that helps to raise audience reach, taking control which in turn helps to make better and more efficient management of the whole business operation.
Replace your e-mails and tables with the unique working environment and automated business processes. Aurora enables you to create modern working environment focusing on what matters instead of the form itself.

Through the automation of tasks, activities, and processes that are performed daily, it ensures increased efficiency and control over those processes.
With the Aurora process automation platform, you can structure and automatize business activities, and further optimize and upgrade them based on that.
Customer care sector
The most important question, which each company that has client based approach is dealing with, is what its users think about it. To answer this question, we need to know how quick we are in solving user requests, how quick are we in responding to their questions, which are the products they complain the most, do certain users have several problems with us… Clients want more than just the product or service, they want to be taken care of!
This is the Algotech’s strongest point, and Algotech’s Aurora is the best local, fully customized tool on the market.