Avaya – Leader in the 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Contact Center Infrastructure

A reputable consulting company, Gartner, released its 2018 report in which Avaya was positioned as a leader for the Contact Center Infrastructure (Gartner Magic Quadrant for Contact Center Infrastructure Worldwide, 2018). Avaya, a longtime partner of Algotech, with this success proves that business vision and dynamic leadership are a prerequisite for sustainable development, as Gartner’s report provides a confirmation of the leadership position in the company’s key market – contact centers.

Companies from the Contact Center Infrastructure (CCI) segment, are positioned in Gartner’s leadership Quadrant based on the quality, scalability and overall maturity of applications, as well as customer support options for the end users. In addition, CCI companies are rated according to the ability to capitalize on their vision for a successful business development, as Gartner analysts evaluate companies based on their ability to anticipate future market development trends and define competitive business plans.

Companies positioned as leaders in Gartner’s CCI MQ, have significant market share, diversified business portfolio, are present in a large number of geographically diverse markets and have a clear vision of development based on user needs and business experience in the contact center solutions.

Contact Center

Contact Center

As a global leader operating in more than 150 countries, Avaya defines its business philosophy by focussing on user experience in the modern digital age and the integration of transformation technologies. In this regard, Avaya is shaping its contact center business portfolio, transforming it into an interactive contact center, where customers are at the heart of the business activity. Again, customer satisfaction and loyalty is a key precondition for further development of Avaya.

Today, companies are faced with a number of business challenges, where the improvement of customer experience in the modern digital environment might be the most significant. Even global leaders, such as Avaya, can not generate added value on all business markets themselves, and it is necessary to create a network of partners that, with their performances and competencies, can ensure the achievement of high-set goals. A good example of a successful partnership that, with expert knowledge and agility of the members of both partner teams, achieves outstanding business success in the global market of contact centers for many years, is precisely the cooperation between Avaya and Algotech.

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