Brand Embassy – new partner of Algotech in the field of digital customer interaction centers

Partnership with the renowned company Brand Embassy is strengthening the presence of Algotech in the regional DCIC – Digital Customer Interaction Center market. Through this partnership, Algotech improves its business portfolio in the customer care segment, leveraging digital and omnichannel solutions of Brand Embassy, leader in delivering the highest quality services through a scalable digital platform.
The compatibility of the digital business portfolio of Algotech and Brand Embassy with the synergetic effect of a joint venture in the digital customer platforms market of Central and Eastern Europe, has the potential to achieve exceptional business results. In addition, Brand Embasy is a company with significant business references in the region, and its solutions are used by leading telecommunications and financial services companies (such as Telenor, VIP Mobile, T-Mobile, O2, SBB, Telemach, Raiffeisen Bank, KBC, Societe Generale Bank and others) in over 30 Central and Eastern European countries.

On the occasion of partnership with Brand Embassy Dragan Gajić, General Manager of Algotech, underlines the following: “Our company’s long-term business orientation is focused on digitizing business processes and implementing other advanced solutions that enable better integration of communication and sales channels. In this regard, Brand Embassy is a true partner with a leading business solution in the area of digital customer interaction services. This solution significantly improves the quality of the service provided and makes Algotech’s business portfolio extremely competitive on a dynamic digital services market.“
“Over the past six years, we have been fortunate to work with leading telecommunications companies, banks and retail chains in Central and Eastern Europe, but our customers are becoming more and more demanding and expecting top performance and high-quality service, regardless of the communication channel. In that sense, our partnership with Algotech, a leading regional system integrator, provides us with an additional market penetration options and implementation of solutions that are flexible, scalable and based on our customer’s positive experience.“, emphasizes Vit Horki, co-founder and CEO of Brand Embassy.

Today, companies are facing multiple market challenges: adapt to the demands of digital business transformation; enhance customer experience; reduce costs and increase profits. Parallel to these requirements, there is an increasing need for digital communication channels in customer interaction centers, but the digital transformation of contact centers can take a very long time. That’s why customer interaction centers need agile partners whose solutions have scalability and integrate all services on one platform, which are the basic features of the Brand Embassy concept.

Brand Embassy is a digital platform for providing customer interaction services from the cloud, which integrates communication through various channels (social networks, messaging, live chat, AI, chatbot and a like). This unique, scalable and modular solution of Brand Embassy is easily integrated into existing infrastructure environment and brings the following advantages:

  • 95% satisfied clients
  • 70% reduced time for customer complaints
  • 300% reduced number of required business operations.


For more information please visit Brand Embassy web page