Algotech na Sinergiji 2017

Engage Digitally- Algotech on Sinergija 17

25-27. oktobar 2017. Crowne Plaza, Beograd

Algotech is the partner of one of the region’s largest ICT conferences – Sinergija17.

Sinergija is one of the most important and most influential conferences dedicated to the digital transformation, information and communications technology and their business application in the region of Southeastern Europe, which is being held for a seventeenth consecutive time.

The focus of this year‘s Sinergija, named Engage Digitally, was directed to:

  1. digital transformation,
  2. the significance of the start-up community,
  3. entrepreneurship and open source software,
  4. Cloud technologies,
  5. IT security and the implementation of the latest technology in the business sector.



The first two days of the conference were Technical days focused on expert lectures from different IT areas and were organized as lectures in several parallel sessions. The third day of the Sinergija was organized as a Business day, where we got a chance to hear an intriguing lecture by James Whitaker, the prominent engineer from Microsoft, about the artificial intelligence, cloud, and future trends in IT industry. After that, an interesting panel discussion followed on the subject of digital transformation and the fourth industrial revolution in Serbia. The President of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce Marko Čadež was the discussion moderator.


Algotech Company, as the partner of the Sinergija17 event, had its stand that numerous guests visited. The expo zone of the Sinergija17, located in the hall in front of conference rooms, enabled the interaction between visitors and exhibitors for the entire duration of the conference.



Accordingly to its business orientation focus on the digitalization of the communication process and business process automation, Algotech presented its Digital Signage solution on the Sinergija. Digital Signage solution consists of digital displays that are used to inform the user and get his/her attention, mainly in public places (shopping centers, waiting for lounges, showrooms, classrooms, restaurants, etc.).

Algotech Digital Signage marketing solution offers:

  • An ideal way to effectively visualize product, without initial investments,
  • More intense contact with clients and business competitiveness increase,
  • A complete solution – following operative model for agreed number of months,
  • High-quality support, maintenance, surveillance, and reporting,
  • Trustworthy partner in business advancement towards digital communication