FORCS and Algotech along with the world leaders in the FinTech industry at the Money20/20 Europe conference

Money20/20 Europe, the most important conference in the FinTech industry, was held from June 4th to 6th in Amsterdam. Algotech participated in Money20/20 Europe, in cooperation with the partner, South Korean company FORCS, and Nikola Korać, Algotech’s sales and marketing director, exchanged experience in the field of digital transformation of the financial services sector and technology innovations in banking, with Fintech industry leaders from around the world.


Money20/20 Europe is the focal meeting point for leaders and innovators of the global financial services industry, as it provides expert insights into how consumers and companies spend, manage, invest and protect their finances. Conference participants have the opportunity to discover new business opportunities and strengthen partner networks, as well as to get acquainted with the latest technology trends.

Fintech companies foster and leverage the advantages of new information and communication technologies to improve activities in finance and make financial services offerings more accessible to the general public. The financial services industry is one of the most agile and expeditious in accepting novelties, and Fintech companies are also positioned to be leaders and innovators in this business segment. Money20/20 is the world’s largest market of innovative ideas pertining to financial services, and provides outstanding capabilities for networking with notable leaders from the world of finance, the most influential entrepreneurs and innovators from the Fintech industry that create the global future of money.

This year’s Money20/20 Europe conference is focused on:

  • Digital Transformation of Banking
  • Future of payment services
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Security and data analysis
  • Identity and user authentication systems

With over 5,000 participants from more than 1500 leading companies (American Express, Google, Visa, MasterCard, ING, HSBC and similar) from 80 countries, who represent global leaders in the financial services industry and innovative technologies implementation in banking, Money20/20 is the place where the future of the financial and payment services market is being created and built. In this sense, the Money20/20 concept represents the integrated digital platform of modern FinTech, which comprises of four global events:

  1. Money20/20 Europe,
  2. Money20/20 USA,
  3. Money20/20 Asia,
  4. Money20/20 China.

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