Donesi Contact Centre

When the Corona virus appeared in early 2020, every industry was affected to some extent. While many of them have experienced negative consequences of lockdowns, there are those who have barely felt them or the consequences turned out to be positive. One of those who saw an increase in demand after the beginning of the pandemic are food delivery companies. As many facilities around the world have been forced to close their doors, and among them primarily gastronomies, people have turned to alternative solutions such as food delivery.

As more than one food delivery company is present in the market in many countries, business optimization and adaptation to the new situation has opened up an opportunity for the most successful to stand out and take the lead in the domestic market.

With the growing number of users and orders on its application, encountered the need for additional work and improved service in order to successfully keep up with the growing demand.

As the number of potential customers has grown exclusively in relation to the number of Internet and smartphone users in recent years, the appearance of the Corona virus for the first time caused a big positive shock in the demand for services in this market. has been present in the domestic market since 2006, even a few years before the company such as UberEats, one of the three largest companies in this market worldwide. As a long-term witness to the development of business in the field of food delivery through the online service, saw in the midst of the new situation the need to improve its contact center for customer support.

In order to provide our clients and partners with the best and fastest customer support, we have enabled them to implement a new, improved contact center. For, we have ensured that 40 call center agents are always available to