Implementation of Aurora solution in D Express – quick, accurate, reliable

Company Algotech acquired a new, significant reference in business process automation software tool implementation – Aurora. Namely, D Express, local express courier company became the active users of the Aurora. Their slogan is Quick. Accurate. Reliable. so the implementation of the Aurora software solution had to meet D Express’s challenging requirements.

D Express’s exponential growth, which saw this company reaching more than 800 employees and 500 vehicles in a relatively short period of time, required the standardization and simplification of company’s processes, as well as the communication automation and measuring points that’ll enable process and employee efficiency analysis. Besides, there is a need for upgrading those processes that contain client interaction, but the analysis also indicated that internal processes should also be upgraded. Following those requirements, Algotech did a thorough business analysis of D Express’s processes and customized Aurora to their client needs. Apart from that, we held a training for app’s end-users and the latest app modules are released in the production phase.

Company D Express has optimized and automated their wide range of internal processes using Aurora (through the creation of service and vehicle problem reporting related processes; vehicle servicing and problem reporting processes on IT devices), as well as the process that includes client communication through defining the reporting process and doing the reclamations regarding deliveries.