m:tel in Montenegro upgraded the customer service by implementing the AURORA, Algotech’s software solution

m:tel in Montenegro, as a part of the Telekom Srbija group – which is one of the leading telecommunication companies in the Balkan region, has implemented the Aurora, Algotech’s software solution as the platform for inquiry and reclamation management with a goal of further upgrade in user experience and client communication department.

Algotech, the regional leader in the domain of implementation of contact centers and systems for user experience upgrade, has developed Aurora software solution with an essential purpose of upgrading the customer care in service organizations. Aurora is designed to upgrade user experience quality through standardization of communication and service activities, which increases their levels of manageability and measurement, which in turn leads to cost reduction with satisfied customers and employees. Client interaction is done through multiple communication channels of the web self-service, IVR, contact center.

Aurora solution is adjusted to companies that have a need for intense client communication, such as banks, insurance companies, telecommunication conglomerates, airlines (in accordance with EU directive 261/2004).

Benefits of implementing Aurora software solution are:

  • optimal client inquiry and claim management,
  • customer care upgrade for service organizations,
  • efficient problem-solving in client communication through the standardization of services and effective communication in the client reclamation domain
  • getting the necessary information from clients in the first client interaction,
  • centralized database with all user inquiries,
  • compatibility of regulations and reporting, meaning that Aurora will ensure that all of your process and reporting meet corresponding regulations.
  • helps in process and communication standardization through the use of defined patterns, which upgrades the level of manageability and increases result measurability, created an internal knowledge base, which leads to reduced costs and more user and employee satisfaction.

More info on Aurora software solution is available here.