“Kapetan Miša Anastasijević” award goes to Algotech as the regional leader

The prestigious “Kapetan Miša Anastasijević” award, given for extraordinary business and social results, has been awarded to Algotech on 23rd of March at the Rectorate of the University of Belgrade, that is, in Captain Miša’s Mansion.

Algotech was handed this award for remarkable accomplishments in IT technologies development and implementation, but also for socially responsible demeanor. Company’s director, Aleksandar Bakoč received this award on behalf of Algotech.

“Kapetan Miša Anastasijević” award is present for 15 years, as a part of the “Road to the top” project, and it affirms entrepreneurship in Serbia by issuing the monograph with the same name. “Road to the top” is a joint project of the University of Novi Sad, Chamber of Commerce of Serbia and Belgrade, and Media Invent, and its goal is to promote and build business and social ambiance in Serbia.

In the Captain Miša’s Mansion at the Rectorate of the University of Belgrade, 19 awards were given to individuals and enterprises from the City of Belgrade are. Awardees of the „Kapetan Miša Anastasijević“ awards for the year 2016. are:

  • Raša Ristivojević, executive director of AD Aerodrom Nikola Tesla – The best manager in Belgrade
  • Mirjana Nedeljković, Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Serbia and Head of Material-financial affairs at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Serbia – for professionalism and noble professional contribution to the work of this Ministry.
  • Prva Iskra –Namenska AD, director Stanoje Biočanin – Stronger Namenska, more stable Serbia
  • His Excellency, Israeli ambassador G. Josef Levi – For strengthening economice and friendly ties between the people of Serbia and Israel
  • Prof. dr Aleksandra Tomić, MP, President of the Committee on the Economy, Regional Development, Trade, Tourism and Energy of the National Assembly of Serbia – for creating and strengthening prosperity
  • Mladen Petković, director of the Holding corporation „Krušik“AD Valjevo – Leader in sustainable development and competitvness
  • Ljubiša Obradović- the secretary of the Association for Metal and Electric Industries at the Serbian Chamber of Commerce – for the contribution in business ambient development
  • Company „Servoteh“ d.o.o., Surčin-Beograd – best small business
  • Zoran Martinović, director of The National Employment Service – for social responsibility
  • Miroslav Musulin, director of the company „JAT Tehnika“ Beograd- For the business quality
  • Nikola Kusovac, an art historian-retired museum counselor – For the notable contribution to Serb art and culture
  • Jasminka Bjeletić, director of the health institution „Apoteka Beograd“ – For responsible way of running business and quality of services
  • Company „Algotech Srbija“ – Regional leader in IT technologies
  • Belgrade Banking Academy, Dean Prof. Dr Hasan Hanić – For a high level of higher education of young people
  • Company Solfins d.o.o Belgrade – best software for new technologies
  • Academician Nikola -Koka Janković, sculptor, and artist – for life’s work
  • Sandra Perović, journalist and movie critic at RTS – For beauty of expression and engaged reporting
  • The Center for the Conservation of Tradition and Culture „Termoelektrane Nikola Tesla“ Obrenovac – For Culture and Tradition conservation projects
  • Vjera Mujović, actress – For the promotion of Serb culture