Modern-day technologies as the development factor in entrepreneurship

CEED Serbia is a part of the international entrepreneur’s network, which was established to support private sector growth in the developing markets.

CEED is present in 14 countries globally and for more than 10 years, using a specially customized methodology, and helping promising entrepreneurs to upgrade their managerial skills, connect with the investors and expand their businesses to other markets. Since 2014, “European Consulting Group” is in charge of CEED project in Serbia.

The goal of the “Development Perspectives for SME’s in Serbia” was to acquaint the representatives of the SME’s with latest solutions in information technology area, ERP and Cloud systems, and to present them with the method of implementing those in a way that will give a more efficient business performance.

Miloš Avramović was Algotech’s representative on this conference, where he pointed out that the benefits of implementing the ERP and Cloud systems are extremely significant to our entrepreneurs, that businesses raise their competitiveness through their implementation and that Algotech is applying the latest technologies for many consecutive years now in their line of business. He explained that the investments in these new technologies don’t have to be major ones because businesses don’t have to own the necessary infrastructure themselves, but can rent it instead and save significant amounts of money this way. Apart from that, benefits of using these systems are in the fact that users don’t have to replace their hardware, update their software, or have to worry about the security because the latest IT protection cloud systems guarantee privacy and data security.


Miloš Avramović, Algotech

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