Bulk SMS (batch messages) is a communication service that enables you to send a continuous stream of information regularly to a large number of service users (persons).

SMS notifications (real-time messages) are notifications generated individually for each user, regarding the changes to that specific account (payment notification, current account status, unpaid invoice reminders, monthly loan rate, reminders for credit card due payment deadlines and billing amount, etc.)

SMS premium services have the largest application in the media (TV, radio, newspapers, websites…). Services can be applied in many different ways, whether it’s about organizing a poll, TV show applications, quiz, and giveaway contest entries, leaving your comment or song suggestion, all the way to the different entertainment services. Also, these services are used for commercial purposes, like account balance inquiries, extending the ad validity period, parking payment, etc.

SMS subscription services are premium services subtype in which user has to subscribe to use a certain service on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. After he/her has subscribed, the user gets their ordered content delivered in the time they choose. User pays for each delivery.