Support NURDOR family

NURDOR is a childhood cancer parents association, which makes life easier for kids with this illness and their closest relatives, giving them practical, emotional and material support.

Association NURDOR consists of parents, doctors, medical staff and all people of good will, and you can become a member now. As a socially responsible company, but primarily as humans, we gave our contribution to developing SMS services for regular monthly donations, in cooperation with other mobile carriers.

Therefore, we invite you to send the SMS message with text 2 to 1150, become a regular monthly donor of the association NURDOR and give your support to kids with cancer. Price for the monthly message is 200 dinars.

Take a look at what NURDOR has already done in 15 years of its existence:

· SEVEN playgrounds on hematology and oncology sectors
· More than a THOUSAND AND FIVE HUNDRED families were given support during or after the treatment
· More than a THOUSAND completely free rehabilitation for kids who have undergone the treatment
· FIVE parenting houses for the accommodation and care of the kids being treated and their families
· More than SIX HUNDRED workshops for psychological and social support for parents
· More than FIFTY training for volunteers
· More than THIRTY publications
· More than a THOUSAND public awareness actions
· More than 50 free camps for treated kids and their parents
· A THOUSAND volunteers
· SIX medical staff training
· Over HUNDRED THOUSAND volunteer hours
· More than 300 MILLION dinars invested in improving the treatment conditions
· THREE regulation change initiatives
· ONE COMPLETELY NEW HOSPITAL, on two floors and 800 square meters, which is now the best-equipped institution of this kind on Balkans.

What else is NURDOR working on:

· Completing and equipping new child hematology and oncology department of the Pediatric Internal Hospital in Niš and raising the treatment conditions standards in other child hematology and oncology departments in the country
· Organizing numerous rehabilitation camps for kids and their parents, as well as creating new education programs
· Fighting for parents’ right to sick leave during the whole course of the child’s treatment
· Enabling schooling for the children of high-school age during the course of the treatment
· Founding nationwide pediatric cancer registry, which is essential for each treatment program, result and follow-up monitoring in pediatric oncology (introducing the system for the follow-up monitoring after the successful treatment).