Take control! Aurora is a tool that helps to raise audience reach, taking control which in turn helps to make better and more efficient management of the whole business operation. Replace your e-mails and tables with the unique working environment and automated business processes. Aurora enables you to create modern working environment focusing on what […]


Bulk SMS (batch messages) is a communication service that enables you to send a continuous stream of information regularly to a large number of service users (persons). SMS notifications (real-time messages) are notifications generated individually for each user, regarding the changes to that specific account (payment notification, current account status, unpaid invoice reminders, monthly loan rate, reminders […]

Digital Signage

Digital Signage

Get your brand closer to your clients with Algotech Digital Signage service! Algotech tries to provide its users with innovative and efficient solutions that will ensure them a competitive edge through the usage of latest communication and information technologies. Digital Signage has been created for that exact purpose and is another digital communication channel in […]