Engage Nice

The NICE Engage Platform provides comprehensive multi-channel interaction recording to help rganizations comply with regulations and gain business insight. It also serves as the foundation of the broad NICE portfolio of offline and real-time applications. Capturing interactions across communication channels, analyzing them to discover valuable insights, and applying these insights in real time, at the Decisive Moment™ of customer interactions, for maximum business impact. It enables organizations to improve customer experience, enhance operational efficiency, ensure regulatory compliance and drive revenue growth through unified solutions and best-in-class capabilities.

The solution serves leading organizations from a variety of industries, such as financial services, telecommunications, healthcare, outsourcers, retail, service providers and utilities. NICE Engage Platform, by moving from TDM to VoIP and SIP-based recording, as well as infrastructure centralization and consolidation to data centers, has enabled handling huge volumes of interactions. This new platform, which meets all multimedia capturing, streaming and archiving needs, offers the following benefits:

• Reduction in number of servers, eliminating the need to deploy many different components

• Low network traffic and minimal dependency on network connectivity between numerous components, such as from the Logger to Storage Center

• Simplified solution deployment, maintenance, and licensing

• Simplified redundancy

• Increased solution robustness