Wallboard.info Digital Signage

Wallboard.info Digital Signage is a platform for pushing digital media and brand messaging via a network of digital displays. From a single digital display, a video wall, or a network of multiple screens, unique and dynamic content can be created and pushed to public and private audiences. And because these screens are digital, an exponential amount of information can be pushed to the physical space as compared to a traditional printed sign or advertisement. All of this gives digital signage the potential to become a powerful tool to increase audience engagement and more effectively convey your message.

Wallboard.info Digital Signage platform is the next generation of effective communication in both private and public spaces. Wallboard.info Content Management System leverages the most advanced technology to make creating, editing and managing content and screens both seamless and easy.
Wallboard have smart media player applications for Android/Windows/ChromeOS/LG, and have a CMS/controller server that can run from the cloud or on premise. But Wallboard also have a superb content editor interface where you or your customers can create and distribute their signage content without any 3rd party application. As simple as an online MS PowerPoint.

Main differentiators of Wallboard.info products are:

  • info products has the best online content editor on the market
  • Up to your customers: from the cloud or on/premise setup, Windows or Linux based, MSSQL or MySQL
  • Your customers can select devices from any price range
  • Multi/tenant, multi-language CMS, white labeling option, Wallboard don`t even need access to your server
  • Wide range of widgets that you can place anywhere in your pages, no zones, no limitations like in a web site
  • Unique soft matrix option (without hardware, you can split the content on many screens)
  • Extend our system with IoT sensors (sense whatever, some crosses an infrared gate, presses a button)

Wallboard.info platform gives you a solution if:

  • Your organization keeps generating data (sales/stock/pricing info, data traffic or number of inbound calls)
  • You want to display these data internally or to your customers
  • You need a Digital Signage solution to

Wallboard. info door-to-door solution gives you everything you need:

  • Cloud based or on premise controlling server
  • Browser based, multitenant content editor interface
  • Multiplatform player applications to display your